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Research project

GBOV Components 3

Project overview

We are leading the vegetation product validation and for the first time establishing a number of sites across the globe to collect automated data for validation of satellite derived vegetation product.

Key objectives are:
• Collection of multi-year ground-based observations of high relevance for the understanding of land surface processes from existing global networks.
• Upgrade of existing sites with new instrumentation or establishing entirely new monitoring sites to close thematic or geographic gaps
•The GBOV service primarily allow the quality control of the main land products CGLS products (e.g., fAPAR, LAI ad fCover,) providing collections of multiple years of ground-based reference measurements and derived land Products (LPs).


Lead researcher

Professor Jadu Dash

Professor of Remote Sensing

Research interests

  • Satellite derived land surface phenology and its validation with ground data
  • Developing a chlorophyll content based production efficiency model to quantify terrestrial carbon uptake
  • Impact of extreme climatic events on vegetation phenology
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