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Research project

Dr Phil Newland BBSRC Multimodal Computation in Neural Networks


Lead researcher
Other researchers

Professor David Simpson

Prof of Biomedical Signal Processing

Research interests

  • His research interests are in biomedical signal processing with applications in neurophysiology and cardio-vascular and cerebro-vascular control. Specific topics are:
  • Blood flow control in the brain (how does the brain regulate is own blood supply and how to detect impairment of this function).
  • Auditory evoked potentials (methods to detect the small electrical responses of the brain to auditory stimulation for the assessment of various hearing disorders).

Research outputs

Emma Wilson,
Emiliano Rustighi,
& Brian R. Mace
, 2013 , Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology , 12 (3) , 581--596
Type: article
N. Angarita-Jaimes,
Oliver Dewhirst,
Yasuhiro Kondoh,
Robert Allen,
, 2012 , European Journal of Neuroscience , 36 (9) , 3269--3282
Type: article
O.P. Dewhirst,
N. Angarita,
R. Allan,
, 2012 , Journal of Computational Neuroscience , 34 (1) , 39--58
Type: article
Emma Wilson,
Emiliano Rustighi,
Brian R. Mace,
, 2011 , Biological Cybernetics , 104 (1-2) , 121--136
Type: article