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Research project

Droplet microfluidic based chemical sensors for rapid measurement of nutrients in water


Lead researcher

Professor Xize Niu

Professor of Biosensing&Microengineering
Other researchers

Dr Adrian Nightingale

Lecturer in Microfluidics&Sensor Design

Professor Hywel Morgan MBE

Professor of Bioelectronics

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Sammer-Ul Hassan,
Brett Warren,
Kyriacos Makris,
Gareth W.H. Evans,
Evanthia Papadopoulou,
Sharon Coleman,
, 2019 , Environmental Science & Technology , 53 (16) , 9677--9685
Type: article
Chi Leng Leong,
Sharon Coleman,
Sammer-Ul Hassan,
David Voegeli,
Martyn G. Boutelle,
, 2019 , Analytical Methods , 11 (48) , 6119--6123
Type: article
Sammer-Ul Hassan,
Gareth, William Harry Evans,
Sharon Coleman,
, 2018 , Lab on a Chip
Type: article
Gareth Evans,
Peixiang Xu,
Byung Jae Kim,
Sammer-Ul Hassan,
, 2017 , Lab on a Chip , 17 (6) , 1149--1157
Type: article
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