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Research project

"Enhanced Anti-windup Compensation Design Methods for Nonlinear Rigid Body Dynamics with Constrained Inputs"

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Project overview


Lead researcher

Professor Matthew Turner BEng, PhD, MIEEE

Professor in Cyber-Physical Systems

Research interests

  • Dr. Turner's research interests are currently focused on <em>robust control, adaptive control</em> and <em>absolute stability</em> analysis of nonlinear control systems, and the application of these topics to various physical systems. He has worked with various aerospace companies and institutions in the UK and elsewhere and has experience designing and implementing advanced control systems for a number of different aerospace systems. His research has been funded by both government agencies and industry. He is currently particularly interested in
  • <ul><li>Adaptive control systems and how they can be made robust and function in situations not originally envisaged</li><li>Anti-windup algorithms for systems with control signal constraints - retro fits to existing controllers to enable them to function well when actuator position/rate-limits are present</li><li>Absolute stabilty of systems containing static, isolated nonlinearities - especially efficient, convex algorithms for their analysis</li><li>The cross-over between control and artificial intelligence</li></ul>

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