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Project overview

I am one of four international artists working to produce work around the Enlight-Ten project for exhibition at the Immunology Confernce, 5th European Congressof Immunology Amsterdam in 2018. The mission of ENLIGHT-TEN is to provide cross-disciplinary training in T cell immunology and big data analysis in order to train a new generation of researchers to exploit the power of emerging technological platforms.

Understanding and manipulating T cell responses is critical to therapeutic intervention in a wide-range of immune-mediated pathologies. The use of immunotherapy to increase anti-tumor responses has recently gained considerable attention, and suppressing the immune response to ameliorate autoimmunity is an equally important goal.

ENLIGHT-TEN consists of ten beneficiaries and six partners from eight nations within the EU, bringing a balanced portfolio of expertise bridging in-depth knowledge of T cell differentiation and pathophysiology of autoimmune and allergic diseases, through to bioinformatic analysis of large data sets. Given the importance of bioinformatic analysis within this programme, the involvement of the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) is a major strength of our network. EBI is part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), an inter-governmental organisation, and is world-leading in the generation, analysis and storage of large-scale bioinformatic data.

I am working with:
Dr. Michelle Linterman
Babraham Institute
Cambridge, UK

Dr Luis Graca
Instituto de Medicina Molecular
Lisboa, Portugal

Prof. Lucy S.K. Walker
University College London

Research outputs