Research project

EP/D03549X/1 Membrane Co-Transport of HCI

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    Not active

Research outputs

Matthew G. Fisher, Philip A. Gale, Jennifer R. Hiscock, Michael B. Hursthouse, Mark Edward Light, Franz P. Schmidtchen & Christine C. Tong, 2009, Chemical Communications(21), 3017-3019
Type: article
2008, Chemical Communications, 47, 6321-6323
Type: article
Philip A. Gale, Joachim Garric, Mark E. Light, Beth A. McNally & Bradley D. Smith, 2007, Chemical Communications, 2007(17), 1736-1738
Type: article
Paul V. Santacroce, Jeffery T. Davis, Mark E. Light, Philip A. Gale, José Carlos Iglesias-Sánchez, Pilar Prados & Roberto Quesada, 2007, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 129(7), 1886-1887
Type: article