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Research project

EP/E022375/1 Mutispin Recoupling


Lead researcher

Professor Malcolm Levitt

Professor of Chemistry

Research interests

  • Magnetic Resonance
  • Endofullerenes
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Research outputs

Pierre Thureau, Andrea C. Sauerwein, Maria Concistrè & Malcolm H. Levitt, 2011, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13(1), 93-96
Type: article
Subhradip Paul, Rajendra Singh Thakur, M.H. Levitt & P.K. Madhu, 2010, Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 205(2), 269-275
Type: article
Paul Subhradip, Rajendra Singh Thakur, Mithun Goswami, Andrea C. Sauerwein, Salvatore Mamone, Maria Concistre, Hans Foerster, Malcolm H. Levitt & P. K. Madhu, 2009, Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 197(1), 14-19
Type: article
Giuseppe Pileio, Salvatore Mamone, Giulia Mollica, Ildefonso Marin Montesinos, Axel Gansmüller, Marina Carravetta, Steven P. Brown & Malcolm H. Levitt, 2008, Chemical Physics Letters, 456(1-3), 116-121
Type: article
K.S. Panesar, A.J. Horsewill, F. Cuda, M. Carravetta, S. Mamone, A. Danquigny, M.C. Grossel & M.H. Levitt, 2008, Journal of Chemical Physics, 128(14), 144512-[8pp]
Type: article