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Research project

ep/I001956/1 - Denuault - An Electrochemical Approach to Study Carbonation of Novel Lime Based Materials

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Lead researcher

Dr Guy Denuault

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Oxygen reactions in electrocatalysisTheory and applications of nanoelectrodes, microelectrodes and nanostructured microelectrodesTheory and applications of scanning electrochemical microscopyModelling and simulations of electrochemical processes
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Research outputs

Mara Serrapede, Giovanni Luca Pesce, Richard J. Ball & Guy Denuault, 2014, Analytical Chemistry, 86(12), 5758-5765
Type: article
Mara Serrapede, Guy Denuault, Maciej Sosna, Giovanni Luca Pesce & Richard J. Ball, 2013, Analytical Chemistry, 85(17), 130823083458001
Type: article