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Research project

Exploiting UAVs for validating decametric earth observation data from Sentinel-2 and Gaofen-6 (UAV4VAL)


Lead researcher

Professor Jadu Dash

Professor of Remote Sensing

Research interests

  • Satellite derived land surface phenology and its validation with ground data
  • Developing a chlorophyll content based production efficiency model to quantify terrestrial carbon uptake

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Other researchers

Doctor Booker Ogutu


Research interests

  • Developing methods of retrieving bio-geophysical variables from Earth Observation data
  • Understanding the effects of environmental change on terrestrial vegetation

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Doctor Gareth Roberts

Lecturer in Remote Sensing

Research interests

  • Development of methods for monitoring fire activity and estimating emissions using remotely sensed data
  • Quantifying the environmental and health impacts of landscape fires using remote sensing

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