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Research project

Exploring Seasonality of Covid-19


Lead researcher

Dr Shengjie Lai PhD

Principal Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Lai is interested in understanding the transmission dynamics and intervention effectiveness for infectious diseases; Quantifying seasonal human mobility, social connectivity and migration using novel data sources, e.g. mobile phone data; Investigating spatiotemporal interactions between human behaviour, environmental change and infectious disease dynamics.
Other researchers

Professor Andrew Tatem

Personal Chair

Research interests

  • Developing approaches to map population distributions, demographics and dynamics through complementing traditional datasources (census, survey, registries) with new forms of geospatial data from e.g. satellite imagery and mobile devices.
  • Understanding the drivers of small area heterogeneities in population health and development in low and middle income settings.
  • The use of high resolution demographic and mobility data for improving understanding and modelling of pathogen dynamics.

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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