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Research project

The Future of Education and Skills: 2030

  • Research groups:
  • Research funder:
    OECD- Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • Status:
    Not active

Project overview

This was a commissioned project, and the final report has been completed and submitted to OECD. Its aim was to take stock, synthesise and analyse existing approaches to scientifically based learning sequencing in school mathematics, with a main focus on the secondary (particularly lower secondary) level. The project formed part of the OECD’s overarching project: The Future of Education and Skills: 2030.

The main research methods employed in the project consisted of (1) a literature survey and (2) interview and online survey.

The literature survey covered a wide range of research literature including journal articles, research theses, book chapters and conference papers, primarily through two different sources: firstly, articles published in 44 research journals in the field of mathematics education, developmental and educational psychology, cognition and general education, and secondly, online databases including ERIC, Web of Science, Proquest, JSTOR, etc. The interview and online survey were conducted with a dozen selected academics from ten different countries and regions.

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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