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Research project

Framework for safe Staffing and Skill Mix (Ireland): Research Programme

Project overview

This ongoing programme of research, funded by the Irish HRB and conducted in partnership with colleagues at University College Cork, is exploring the implementation of safe staffing policies in Ireland covering a variety of clinical setting including general wards, emergency departments and has now extended to care homes.


Lead researcher

Professor Peter Griffiths

Chair in Health Services Research

Research interests

  • Health workforce
  • Epidemiology
  • Nursing
Other researchers

Professor Jackie Bridges PhD MSN BN(Hons) PGCert RN

Prof of Older People's Care

Research interests

  • Older people’s care and support
  • Professional work and workforce development
  • Organisational behaviour

Professor Jane Ball FRCN PhD RN Bsc(Hons)

Professorial Fellow-Research

Research outputs

Aileen Murphy,
Christine Duffield,
Noeleen M Brady,
Anne Philomena Scott,
& Jonathan Drennan
, 2021 , Journal of Advanced Nursing , 77 (8) , 3379--3388
Type: article
Jonathan Drennan,
Christine Duffield,
Anne Philomena Scott,
Noeleen M. Brady,
Aileen Murphy,
Darren Dahly,
Eileen Savage,
Paul Corcoran,
Josephine Hegarty,
, 2018 , Journal of Advanced Nursing
Type: article
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