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Research project

Future Everyday Interaction with the Autonomous Internet of Things


Other researchers

Professor Gopal Ramchurn

Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Jacob Kittley-Davies
, 2020
Type: thesis
Jacob Kittley-Davies,
Ahmed Alqaraawi,
Rayoung Yang,
Enrico Costanza,
Alex Rogers,
, 2019
Type: conference
Carolina Fuentes,
Martin Porcheron,
Joel E. Fischer,
Enrico Costanza,
Obaid Malik,
, 2019
Type: conference
Jhim Kiel, Manzano Verame,
Enrico Costanza,
Joel Fischer,
Andy Crabtree,
Tom Rodden,
& Nick Jennings
, 2018
Type: conference
Pedro García García,
Enrico Costanza,
Jhim Verame,
Diana Nowacka,
, 2018 , Human-Computer Interaction
Type: article
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