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Research project

Garner MRC Towards a translational experimental model of anxiety for pharm and psych treatment dev


Lead researcher

Professor Matthew Garner PhD

Head of School

Research interests

  • Neuropsychological mechanisms and treatment targets in anxiety disorders. 
  • Psychopharmacology/experimental medicine (acute pharmacological challenge).
  • Psychophysiology (e.g. interoception, autonomic markers of emotion processing),
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Other researchers

Professor David Baldwin

Professor in Psychiatry
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Research outputs

B. Ainsworth, J.E. Marshall, D. Meron, D.S Baldwin, P. Chadwick, M.R. Munafo & M. Garner, 2015, Journal of Psychiatric Research, 63, 117-122
Type: article
S. Bamford, I. Penton-Voak, V. Pinkney, D.S. Baldwin, M.R. Munafo & M. Garner, 2015, Journal of Psychopharmacology
Type: article
V. Pinkney, R. Wickens, S. Bamford, D.S. Baldwin & M. Garner, 2014, Journal of Psychopharmacology, 28(9), 874-880
Type: article
B. Ainsworth & M. Garner, 2013, Human Psychopharmacology Clinical and Experimental, 28(3), 274-280
Type: article