Research project

Generation of 3D bioprinted bone like tissue using a composite Nanoclay hydrogel for large bone defect regeneration

Project overview

1) We will have trained multidisciplinary researchers who understand the potential of functional and translational biomedical materials and cellular and molecular biology across both groups, with an understanding different cultures and methodologies and enhance diversity and inclusivity.
2) We will have strengthened our UK-Hong Kong Collaboration and secured new technologies across both groups to develop nanoclay-based 3D bioprinted bone-like tissue for bone regeneration.
3) The UK PI has built up knowledge and expertise in the area of biomaterials. Thus, the Hong Kong PI in particular, will benefit from gaining materials technology to support their research programme.
4) The technology and skillset of the Hong Kong PI (3D-bioprinting, genetic mouse model, skeletal disease modelling) are world-leading and the UK researchers will greatly benefit by having indirect access to this expertise and, critically access to fully characterised materials from the Hong Kong PI.


Lead researcher

Dr Yanghee Kim

Research Fellow
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