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Research project

Gravitational wave astronomy

Lead researcher:
Research funder:
Science and Technology Facilities Council

Project overview


Lead researcher

Professor Nils Andersson

Professor of Applied Maths

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Other researchers

Professor Ian Jones

Professor of Mathematical Physics

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Professor Carsten Gundlach

Professor of Mathematical Physics

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Professor Leor Barack

Professor of Mathematical Physics

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Doctor Ian Hawke

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Numerical relativity
  • Neutron Stars

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Doctor Adam Pound

Principal Research Fellow

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Doctor Andreas Schmitt

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • My research interests are centred around matter governed by the strong force (Quantum chromodynamics). In particular, I am interested in the phase structure at nonzero temperatures and baryon densities. This research combines elements from particle physics and condensed matter physics and is related to astrophysical research in the context of neutron stars. I am also interested in superconductivity and superfluidity of dense nuclear and quark matter. In my research I apply quantum field theoretic methods in the form of effective theories and phenomenological models, as well as elements of string theory via the gauge/string duality.

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