Research project

QuantCom - Ubiquitous Quantum Communications

Project overview

European Research Council Advanced Fellow Grant - QuantCom: Ubiquitous Quantum Communications
Professor Lajos Hanzo, from Electronics and Computer Science, successfully bid for €2.49 million for his QuantCom research project. The aim is to solve part of the ‘quantum jigsaw puzzle’ and contribute to the conception of the wireless Quantum Internet, or Qinternet, conceived for seamless high-speed connectivity across the globe at uncompromised security. Some of the results of the project are discussed in these papers
Professor Hanzo said: “It is a humbling experience to contribute to this new wave of frontier research, which would not have been possible without the closely-knit collaboration with my much-valued colleagues in the Next-Generation Wireless team of ECS.''


Lead researcher

Professor Lajos Hanzo FREng, FIEEE, FIET, EURASIP Fellow

Professor of Communication
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Research outputs

2022, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 21(6), 3632-3647
Type: article
Xiaoyu Zhang, Thien V Luong, Periklis Petropoulos & Lajos Hanzo, 2022, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 40(8), 2357-2369
Type: article
Rosie Cane, Daryus Chandra, Soon Xin Ng & Lajos Hanzo, 2021, IEEE Access, 9, 162996-163011
Type: article
Daryus Chandra, Angela Sara Cacciapuoti, Marcello Caleffi & Lajos Hanzo, 2021, IEEE Transactions on Communications
Type: article
Siqi Ma, Wenqian Shen, Jianping An & Lajos Hanzo, 2021, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 20(10), 6240 - 6253
Type: article