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Hybrid bodies GOLA

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Project overview

Hybrid Bodies II is a multi-disciplinary research and creation project working across the fields of arts, medicine, theory and social sciences. Examining the relationships (or lack thereof) which donor families have with the recipients of organ transplants the project creates work which unpacks the notions of giving, obligation, reciprocation, benevolence, and especially the complex issues surrounding the enforced anonymity of organ transplant donors.

Pivoting its focus, this second phase of Hybrid Bodies centralizes around the experience of donor families throughout the transplant process. This ongoing research project examines the complex and often problematic language and discourse of the 'gift of life' and the various reasons for the motivation of organ donation.

Comprised of collaborators involved in the initial Hybrid Bodies project, we have also welcomes new artists, researchers, theorists, medical professionals and scholars to the project.

Research outputs