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Research project

Infrastructure Monitoring using Passive Remote Imagery


Lead researcher

Professor William Powrie

Professor of Geotechnical Engineering

Research interests

  • Railway track and trackbed behaviour and performance.
  • Geotechnical transportation infrastructure (earthworks, retaining walls, tunnels).
  • Groundwater and groundwater control.
Other researchers

Dr Joel Smethurst BEng PhD GMICE FHEA

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • The effects of vegetation and climate on the performance of earthworks (cuttings and embankments)
  • The stabilisation of both infrastructure slopes and large landslides using discretely spaced piles
  • The mechanical stabilisation of soil by plants roots

Research outputs

Alister Smith,
Sebastian Uhlemann,
Chris Wooff,
Jonathan Chambers,
Paul Hughes,
Stanislav Lenart,
Haris Saroglou,
Sarah Marcella Springman,
Hjördis Löfroth,
& David Hughes
, 2017 , Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology , 50 (3) , 271--286
Type: article
L. Fan,
P.M. Atkinson,
, 2015 , Computers & Geosciences , 83 , 54--64
Type: article
L. Fan,
P.M. Atkinson,
& H. Einstein
, 2014 , ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing , 95 , 42--52
Type: article
L Fan,
P.M. Atkinson,
, 2014 , International Journal of Geographical Information Science , 28 (7) , 1378--1400
Type: article
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