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Research project

Learning From Marginalised People’s Creative Responses to Justice Problems

Project overview

This project brings together academic experts, relevant charity organisations and socially engaged creative artists, focusing on the translation of experiences of ‘justice problems’ (i.e. problems of a legal nature, including contact with or attempts to access the justice system) by people who are marginalised by social, economic or identity factors, into creative outputs. It involves analysis of engagements between creative arts, marginalised communities and justice, and the range of scholarly approaches adopted by researchers seeking to understand those engagements. We seek better to understand the problems that arise in the course of such engagements, the experiences of marginalised creative artists, and to take seriously the contribution made by the work to wider culture and the arts.


Lead researcher

Professor David Gurnham

Prof of Criminal Law & Int Legal Studies

Research interests

  • Gurnham's research and teaching reflect a primary interest in interdisciplinary approaches to law, through humanities and the arts. 
Other researchers

Dr Haris Psarras LLB, LLM (NKUA), MJur (Oxon), PhD (Edin)

Associate Dean International

Research interests

  • General Jurisprudence
  • Tort Theory and the Philosophy of Private Law
  • Law and Humanities

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups