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Research project

Lewis Blood flow (dys)regulation and transfer function in the human placenta: an integrated in silico and ex vivo approach to fetal growth restriction

Project overview

This project was an interdisciplinary collaboration with the university of Manchester which investigated how blood flow in the placenta affected oxygen and nutrient transfer. Babies whose placentas do not work effectively may be born to small which may lead to poor health.


Lead researcher

Professor Rohan Lewis PhD, FTPS

Prof of Placental&Integrative Physiology

Research outputs

W. M. Tun,
G. Poologasundarampillai,
H. Bischof,
G. Nye,
O. N.F. King,
M. Basham,
Y. Tokudome,
E. D. Johnstone,
P. Brownbill,
M. Darrow,
& I. L. Chernyavsky
, 2021 , Journal of the Royal Society Interface , 18 (179)
Type: article
Gareth A. Nye,
Emma Ingram,
Edward D. Johnstone,
Oliver E. Jensen,
Henning Scheider,
Igor Chernyavsky,
& Paul Brownbill
, 2018 , The Journal of Physiology
Type: review