Research project

Life After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Project overview

The Life After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis (LAPCD) study is a UK-wide patient-reported outcomes study designed to generate information to improve the health and well-being of men with prostate cancer. Postal surveys will be sent to prostate cancer survivors (18–42 months postdiagnosis) in all 4 UK countries (n=∼70 000), and qualitative interviews will be undertaken with a sample of men who complete the survey across the UK (n=∼150) along with a small number of partners/spouses (n=∼30)


Lead researcher

Dr Richard Wagland

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Research outputs

Samantha J Mason, Amy Downing, Sarah Wilding, Luke Hounsome, Penny Wright, Eila Watson, Richard Wagland, Hugh Butcher, Paul Kind, Peter Selby, Anna Gavin & Adam Glaser, 2022, Supportive Care in Cancer, 30(4), 3151–3164
Type: article
Eila Watson, Sarah Wilding, Lauren Matheson, Jo Brett, Eilis McCaughan, Amy Downing, William Cross, Peter Selby, Hugh Butcher, Adam Glaser & Richard Wagland, 2021, Journal of Sexual Medicine, 18(3), 515-525
Type: article
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Type: article
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Type: article
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Type: article