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Research project

M Solan - A hierarchical approach to the examination of the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem flows across coastal margins


Lead researcher

Professor Martin Solan

Professor of Marine Ecology

Research interests

  • Biodiversity ecosystem function bioturbation benthic ecology
Other researchers

Professor Jasmin Godbold


Research interests

  • Changes in seafloor biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Effect of human activities and environmental change on species-environment interactions 
  • Trait-expression in benthic invertebrates

Research outputs

Daniel Crespo,
Sara Leston,
Miguel A. Pardal,
& Marina Dolbeth
, 2018 , Ecology and Evolution , 1--11
Type: article
Naiyu Zhang,
David M. Paterson,
& Andrew J. Manning
, 2018 , Environmental Science & Technology , 52 (22) , 13306--13313
Type: article
Daniel Wohlgemuth,
Martin Solan,
, 2017 , Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences , 284 (1855) , 1--9
Type: article
Elena M. Bennett,
Martin Solan,
Reinette Biggs,
Timon McPhearson,
Albert V. Norström,
Per Olsson,
Laura Pereira,
Garry D. Peterson,
Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne,
Frank Biermann,
Stephen R. Carpenter,
Erle C. Ellis,
Tanja Hichert,
Victor Galaz,
Myanna Lahsen,
Manjana Milkoreit,
Berta Martin López,
Kimberly A. Nicholas,
Rika Preiser,
Gaia Vince,
Joost M. Vervoort,
& Jianchu Xu
, 2016 , Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment , 14 (8) , 441--448
Type: article