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Research project

Mapping the underworld 2


Other researchers

Professor Paul Lewin

Professor of Electrical Power Engineerin
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Dr Jen Muggleton BSc (Eng), ACGI, PhD, MA

Principal Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Detection and location of buried infrastructure using vibration techniques.
  • Acoustic leak detection in pipes.
  • Vibration of fluid-filled pipes.
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

J.M. Muggleton & B. Papandreou, 2014, Journal of Applied Geophysics, 106, 164-172
Type: article
C.D.F. Rogers, C.G. Overton, A.G. Cohn, S.R. Pennock, C.H.J. Jenks, J.M. Muggleton, E. Rustighi, P.R. Atkins, K.Y. Foo, J. Cross, S G Swingler, D.N. Chapman, G. Curioni, A.C.D. Royal, N. Metje & J. Parker, 2012
Type: report
K.F. Goddard, P. Wang, P.L. Lewin & S.G. Swingler, 2012, Measurement Science and Technology, 23(5)
Type: article
C.D.F. Rogers, T. Hao, S.B. Costello, M.P.N. Burrow, N. Metje, D.N. Chapman, J. Parker, R.J. Armitage, J.H. Anspach, J.M. Muggleton, K.Y. Foo, P. Wang, S.R. Pennock, P.R. Atkins, S.G. Swingler, A.G. Cohn, K. Goddard, P.L. Lewin, G. Orlando, M.A. Redfern, A.C.D. Royal & A.J. Saul, 2012, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 28(1), 202-211
Type: article