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Research project

Mapping zero-dose populations: conflict, remote rural, urban poor (Phase II)

Project overview

This work builds on Mapping Zero-Dose Populations: conflict, remote rural, urban poor (Phase I, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) to extend the work on quantifying the size and distribution of key marginalized populations and over-laying them with data on sub-national vaccination coverage to determine the number and distribution of un/under-vaccinated children within each of these groups. Providing additional insights into other potentially relevant settings as well as drivers and characteristics of zero-dose to support planning of country strategies.


Lead researcher

Professor Andrew Tatem

Personal Chair

Research interests

  • Developing approaches to map population distributions, demographics and dynamics through complementing traditional datasources (census, survey, registries) with new forms of geospatial data from e.g. satellite imagery and mobile devices.
  • Understanding the drivers of small area heterogeneities in population health and development in low and middle income settings.
  • The use of high resolution demographic and mobility data for improving understanding and modelling of pathogen dynamics.
Other researchers

Dr Natalia Tejedor Garavito

Principal Enterprise Fellow

Research interests

  • Geospatial data analysis
  • GIS training
  • Health metrics

Dr Edson Utazi


Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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