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Research project

Feasibility and acceptability of taking patients home to die from critical care

Project overview

Policy in end of life care aims to increase the number of people dying in their preferred place of care, generally at home. Each year 23,000 people die in Intensive Care in the United Kingdom (UK). Transferring critically ill patients home to die is unexplored. Research is needed to develop evidence to inform care in the last hours/days of a critically ill person’s life.
This three phase mixed methods study explored the desirability and feasibility of transferring critical care patients home to die.
Specific objectives were to:
• Investigate current practice, likely demand for, and views about this option.
• Establish size and characteristics of the potential population who might be offered this option.
• Identify resources and infrastructure required to facilitate this option


Lead researcher

Professor Alison Richardson PhD, MSc, BN, PGDipEd, RN

Prof in Cancer Nursing/End of Life Care
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Other researchers

Dr Tracy Long-Sutehall

Associate Professor
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