Research project

MIgrant Medics:A social history of South Asians in the NHS (1950 to Present)

Project overview

Narratives of migration into the UK have often been framed around anxieties about the increased burden on the NHS. Migrant Medics will interrupt this narrative of scarcity and deficit by exploring the pivotal role played by early medical migrants to the UK who were expressly sought out to staff the nascent health service. This Oral history and archive based project will explore life histories, hidden labours, transnational cultural and financial investments and commitments inherent in the migration of medical expertise and lives across boundaries.


Lead researcher

Dr Pritipuspa Mishra

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Indian history from 1800 to Present
  • India and the British Empire
  • Indian Anti-colonialism
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Other researchers

Dr Bindi Shah PhD, FHEA

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • A key question that Bindi is interested in asking is: What shapes citizenship and a sense of belonging to the nation amongst immigrants and established ethnic minority communities?
  • Bindi is also interested in exploring the role of social capital for developing interdisciplinary solutions to climate crisis and biodiversity loss for marginalised communities.
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Professor Ajit Nayak

Professor of Strategic Management

Research interests

  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation and Dynamic Capabilities
  • Responsible Leadership and Sustainability Transitions
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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