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Research project

Modulation of Macrophage Response by Nitric Oxide delivery from Nanoclay based Hydrogels for Skin Tissue Regeneration


Lead researcher

Dr Yanghee Kim

Research Fellow

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Other researchers

Professor Richard Oreffo

Prof in Musculoskeletal Science

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Professor Jon Dawson

Prof Fellow of Regenerative Medicine

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Research outputs

Sungwon Jung,
Hyungseok Yong,
Sohyeon Park,
Dongchang Kim,
Seokgyu Ryu,
Yang-Hee Kim,
Bumgyu Choi,
Woojin Choi ,
Joon-Seok Lee,
Jeeyoung Yoo,
Jinkee Hong,
& Sangmin Lee
, 2022 , ACS Energy Letters , 7 (11) , 3997--4004
Type: article
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