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Research project

Nonclassicalities and Quantum Control at the Nanoscale - Hendrik Ulbricht


Lead researcher

Professor Hendrik Ulbricht

Professor of Physics

Research interests

  • Hendrik's main research interests concern experimental tests of fundamental theories of Nature by table-top experiments but also in space. Some tests are concerned with the large mass limit of the quantum superposition principle, which forms the basis of quantum mechanics. Other experiments are concerned with testing the interplay between quantum mechanics and gravitation in the low energy limit.
  • The Ulbricht group performs quantum experimental research on the preparation and analysis of massive systems in non-classical states by various techniques. They pioneer so-called levitated opto- and magneto-mechanics experiments, where light and magnetic fields are used to both trap and control nano- and micro-particles in vacuum. Please see the Ulbricht group webpages for more details.

Research outputs

Angelo Bassi,
, 2014 , Journal of Physics: Conference Series , 504 (12023)
Type: article
M. Bahrami,
A. Bassi,
, 2014 , Physical Review A , 89 (32127) , 1--10
Type: article
Angelo Bassi,
Kinjalk Lochan,
Seema Satin,
Tejinder Singh,
, 2013 , Reviews of Modern Physics , 85 (2) , 471--527
Type: article
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