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Research project

Nurse Assisted eHealth Service From Hospital to Home: Ameliorating Burden of Treatment among Patients With Non-Communicable Diseases (HELSEVEL)

Project overview

The overall aim of this project is to develop a nurse assisted eHealth Service to reduce burden of treatment and increase health related quality of life in heart failure and colorectal cancer patients, post-hospital discharge.

The project includes three phases and corresponding work packages; a) developing a nurse assisted eHealth service, b) assessing its feasibility and piloting the service and c) a randomised controlled trial. The digital solution, a nurse assisted eHealth service, is personalized and supports
self-monitoring by letting the patients register their own health-related data, and allows for electronic communication with a Nurse Navigator.

This proposal is led by a team in Norway and builds on the expertise in health promotion and long-term illness at the University of Stavanger, Stavanger and St. Olavs University Hospitals and includes researchers from the Netherlands, Sweden, UK and USA. Service users will be engaged in all steps of the project.


Lead researcher

Professor Alison Richardson PhD, MSc, BN, PGDipEd, RN

Prof in Cancer Nursing/End of Life Care
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Research outputs

Anne Marie Lunde Husebø, Jon Arne Søreide, Hartwig Kørner, Marianne Storm, Hege B. Wathne, Alison Richardson, Ingvild Margreta Morken, Kristin Hjorthaug Urstad, Oda Karin Nordfonn & Bjørg Karlsen, 2023, Supportive Care in Cancer
Type: article