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Research project

Acellular Approaches for Therapeutic Delivery: UK Regenerative Medicine Platform Hub.

Project overview

Our Hub will play a role in the development of these treatments and thereby help to build a strong UK industry that makes a worldwide impact. We are particularly interested in the methods by which these new treatments are administered to patients. It is difficult to deliver a living cell as a medicine because these cells are fragile and will not form tissue if they experience adverse conditions. We will invent methods to deliver cells to the correct part of the body in an optimal state to repair tissue. Our Hub will create new materials and technologies that can be used in a very large number of future medical applications. In the first phase of our work we will design new materials that recreate the optimal conditions for stem cells to form tissue. Next we will work with 7 teams who are directly involved in translating new scientific breakthroughs into new medicines. These teams will test our materials and help improve their design by initial studies of suitability for use in Parkinson's Disease, liver diseases, bone repair, skin wound regeneration, cartilage repair, treatments of oesophageal cancer and to assist in anterior cruciate ligament operations.


Lead researcher

Professor Richard Oreffo

Prof in Musculoskeletal Science
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