Research project

Partnerships and sexual behaviour in rural South Africa in the era of HIV and ART

Project overview

The research conducted through this Wellcome Trust Career Development Award (2008-2015) explored sexual behaviour and relationship dynamics in the era of antiretroviral treatment (ART) rollout in South Africa through a series of studies that involved primary and secondary data. a) A prospective clinic study that interviewed 630 HIV-infected people every 6 months for over three years to compare rates of partnership change and patterns of sexual behavior between two groups - those on ART vs those not yet eligible for ART. b) Analyses of longitudinal data collected as part of the Africa Centre HIV surveillance to examine the impact of ART on sexual behaviours. c) A cross-sectional survey among migrants at their place of destination to investigate their living arrangements, partnership patterns and sexual behaviour.


Lead researcher

Professor Nuala Mcgrath

Prof of Epidemiology & Sexual Health
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