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Research project

RN4CAST (Registered Nurse Forecasting)

Project overview

The RN4CAST study explored the impact of nurses on the quality and safety of hospital care. As part of a pan-European study of over 400 hospitals we co-ordinated the collection of outcome data from over 400 European Hospitals to explore questions such as "what is the impact on risk of dying in hospital when there are too few nurses?"


Lead researcher

Professor Peter Griffiths

Chair in Health Services Research

Research interests

  • Health workforce
  • Epidemiology
  • Nursing

Research outputs

Linda H. Aiken,
Douglas Sloane,
Anne Marie Rafferty,
Luk Bruyneel,
Matthew McHugh,
Claudia B. Maier,
Teresa Moreno-Casbas,
Dietmar Ausserhofer,
& Walter Sermeus
, 2017 , BMJ Quality and Safety , 26 (7) , 559--568
Type: article
A. Rafferty,
R. Lindqvist,
T. Murrells,
& C. Tishelman
, 2016 , Journal of Advanced Nursing , 1--17
Type: article
Linda H. Aiken,
Douglas M. Sloane,
Luk Bruyneel,
Koen Van den Heede,
Reinhard Busse,
Marianna Diomidous,
Juha Kinnunen,
Maria Kózka,
Emmanuel Lesaffre,
Matthew D. McHugh,
M. T. Moreno-Casbas,
Anne Marie Rafferty,
Rene Schwendimann,
P. Anne Scott,
Carol Tishelman,
Theo van Achterberg,
& Walter Sermeus
, 2014 , The Lancet , 383 (9931) , 1824--1830
Type: article
Trevor Murrells,
Anne Marie Rafferty,
Elizabeth Morrow,
, 2014 , BMJ Quality and Safety , 23 (2) , 116--125
Type: article
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