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Poole Together

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Project overview

Poole Together brings together secondary school students with diverse stakeholders concerned about the increasing ulva macroalgal (seaweed) blooms in Poole Harbour. We will explore with partners how a citizen science photo method can (1) increase data on ulva, (2) raise awareness to its social, economic and environmental impacts, and (3) identify opportunities for adaptation to this “new normal”. This will support young people to be part of ulva research and adaptation, and highlight to other stakeholders the role that young people play in adaptation.

The project adopts a co-production approach, and we are working closely with teachers, community groups and partners in the development and delivery of the work. At the heart of the project is a weekly after school club in autumn 2023, with science training and co-design opportunities, followed by a multi-stakeholder workshop in early 2024.

Research outputs