Research project

Quantifying and Monitoring Potential Ecosystem Impacts of Geological Carbon Storage (QICS)

Project overview

QICS (Quantifying and monitoring environmental impacts of geological carbon storage) was a program funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), with support from the Scottish Government (May 2010 - December 2014) with two objectives. Firstly, to assess if any significant environmental impact would arise, if a leak from sub-sea, deep geological storage of carbon dioxide occurred. Secondly, to test and recommend tools and strategies for monitoring for (or assuring the absence of) leakage at the sea floor and in overlying waters.

The project included a world first leakage simulation in the natural environment. (Taylor et al., 2015. A novel sub-seabed CO2 release experiment informing monitoring and impact assessment for geological carbon storage. Int J Greenhouse Gas Control. DOI:10.1016/j.ijggc.2014.09.007)


Lead researcher

Professor Chris Hauton PhD, FRSB, FMBA

Head of School

Research interests

  • Hauton has worked extensively with colleagues in India and Bangladesh since 2015 and has developed an international profile in shrimp health research, including contributing to the development of a mobile phone app, the 'Chingri Shrimp App', to support shrimp farmer training in Bangladesh.
  • Research has also included quantifying the potential toxic risk of deep sea mining of mineral resources. He was part of the leading team of the EC FP7 MIDAS Project, exploring the ecological risk of deep-sea mining, outputs from which led to contributions to the Royal Society Foresight Future of the Sea report (2016/17), to presentations at the UN International Seabed Authority in Jamaica, and expert contributions to the UN ISA ISA Legal and Technical Commision ISBA/27/C/11 'Guidelines for the establishment of baseline environmental data.'
  • Other activity
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Research outputs

D.G. Jones, S.E. Beaubien, J.C. Blackford, E.M. Foekema, J. Lions, C. De Vittor, J.M. West, S. Widdicombe, C. Hauton & A.M. Queirós, 2015, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 40, 350-377
Type: article
Peter Taylor, Henrik Stahl, Mark E. Vardy, Jonathan M. Bull, Maxine Akhurst, Chris Hauton, Rachel H. James, Anna Lichtschlag, Dave Long, Dmitry Aleynik, Matthew Toberman, Mark Naylor, Douglas Connelly, Dave Smith, Martin D.J. Sayer, Steve Widdicombe, Ian C. Wright & Jerry Blackford, 2015, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 38, 3-17
Type: article
Jerry Blackford, Jonathan M. Bull, Melis Cevatoglu, Douglas Connelly, Chris Hauton, Rachael H. James, Anna Lichtschlag, Henrik Stahl, Steve Widdicombe & Ian C. Wright, 2015, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 38, 221-229
Type: article
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Type: article