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Quantifying the association between COVID-19, ethnicity and mortality: A cohort study across three UK national databases

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Project overview

In this study, we aim to measure ethnic group differences in COVID-19 infected adults, compare the risk of death in each group and then explain why these differences might exist.

There are concerns that people from Black, Asian and Ethnic minority (BAME) backgrounds are more likely to die if infected with COVID-19. There may also be differences within each ethnic group. For example, people from Pakistani and Indian backgrounds may have different outcomes even though they are both within the ‘Asian’ group. It is unclear why these within group differences exist and if factors such as ongoing health problems, current medicines, smoking status or living arrangements, such as the number of people in each household, might explain some of these differences.

We will study anonymised electronic patient GP records across England. This will include nearly 40 million records. We will describe patterns of COVID-19 disease and death according to ethnicity, and use statistical modelling to understand differences.

Our findings could provide rapid evidence on patterns of COVID-19 and associated mortality across and within ethnic groups in the UK. This study will be one of the largest COVID-19 cohorts in the UK to date and has the potential to inform targeted mitigation public health strategies and alter clinical thresholds for at-risk patients presenting with the infection.


Lead researcher

Dr Hajira Dambha-Miller MRCGP,PhD,FHEA

Associate Professor in Primary Care Res
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