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Research project

Real-time Microbial Pathogen identification in Microbial Keratitis

Project overview

Microbial keratitis (MK) is a serious infection of the cornea of the eye. Rapid diagnosis is vital in supporting the prompt appropriate use of antibiotics and improving prognosis. However, current diagnostic methods take several days, resulting in poor visual prognosis and potential loss of the eye.
Microfluidic impedance cytometry (MFIC) is a new technology, which has the potential to rapidly distinguish between different corneal pathogens based on differences in their size and electrical properties. The technique allows such information to be produced immediately and therefore real-time diagnostic information is a potentially possible.
The project aims to develop and optimise MFIC for the detection and identification of microbial pathogens within clinical samples from MK patients, and compare diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity with standard diagnostic techniques.


Lead researcher

Mr Parwez Hossain MBChB PhD FHEA FRCOphth FRCS (Ed)

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Corneal Infection
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