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Research project

The capaciflector: A new type of respiration sensor

Project overview

The capaciflector is a device that can be placed on the body (typically the chest), either directly attached or on the outside of clothing, to measure respiratory rate and movement.


Lead researcher

Professor Neil White

Professor in Intelligent Sensor Systems

Research interests

  • Medical sensors
  • Intelligent sensor systemS
  • Energy harvesting
Other researchers

Dr Daniel Spencer


Research outputs

Nick Hayward,
Mahdi Shaban,
James Badger,
Isobel Jones,
Yang Wei,
Stefania Isichei,
Martin Knight,
James Otto,
Gurinder Rayat,
Harry Akerman,
& Neil White
, 2022 , Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing , 36 (5) , 1535--1546
Type: article