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Research project

The Gold Rush in Scotland: mining nuggets of legal consciousness

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Project overview

This project is funded by the Socio-Legal Studies Association and it takes place in light of current legal and policy debates in this area. Its primary aim is to explore how communities affected my gold mining grapple with the legal framework. We focus on existing laws rather on possible law reform approaches, as this is a pilot study to explore the legal regulation in this field. In exploring the ways people perceive and potentially use laws and regulations, our aim is to address potential benefits of current laws, but also to study the risks, challenges and drawbacks they might pose. We are particularly interested in understanding the needs of communities as they consider engaging, understanding and potentially utilising the legal framework.


Lead researcher

Dr Avi Boukli

Associate Professor of Criminology
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Research outputs

Avi Boukli & Andreas Kotsakis, 2023, Critical Criminology
Type: article
Avi Boukli & Andreas Kotsakis, 2022, Transnational Environmental Law
Type: article