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Research project

Climate Adaptation & Services COmmunity (CASCO)

Project overview

India and the EU have been working together on climate change research since several years. The urgency of climate change adaptation was recognized in 2007, when the impact of climate change on water resources was identified as one of the important areas for EU – India research collaboration. As a result, funds within the European and Indian research programme were made available to initiate several joint research projects. Despite all cooperation, long term and sustained collaboration between Indian and European researchers has been limited. The Climate Adaptation & Services COmmunity (CASCO) project aims to redress this. CASCO brought together expert clusters from the EU and India in the field of climate adaptation. Climate change adaptation is expected to become one of the most pressing challenges for sustainable development in India in the coming decades. This project targetted researchers studying the Himalayan floodplains, eastern deltas and semi-arid regions of India. The CASCO mobility scheme made it easier for European researchers to work and stay in India for a longer period.


Lead researcher

Professor Emma Tompkins

Prof of Geog, Environment & Development