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Research project


Project overview

ProTechThem2.0 is an ESRC-funded project that integrates insights and expertise from criminology and computer sciences to enable better targeted awareness-raising activities and to improve the tools we currently have to promote ethical social media platform algorithms and prevent or mitigate the negative impacts of sharenting practices. Dr Pamela Ugwudike is leading the project.


Lead researcher

Professor Pamela Ugwudike PhD, MA, LLB (Hons), FHEA


Research interests

  • AI Ethics 
  • Algorithms in Justice Systems
  • Trustworthy and Responsible AI
Other researchers

Dr Stuart Middleton

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Human-in-the-loop NLP: Active Learning, Adversarial Training, Rationale-based Learning, Interactive Sense Making
  • Information Extraction: Few/Zero Shot Learning, Graph-based Models, Behaviour Classification, Geoparsing/Location Extraction, Event Extraction, Argument Mining

Professor Silke Roth

Professor of Sociology

Research interests

  • activism and volunteering
  • humanitarianism 
  • political participation

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Anita Lavorgna,
Pamela Ugwudike,
& Morena Tartari
, 2023 , Crime, Media, Culture , 19 (4) , 472--490
Type: article
Emmanuel Letouzé,
Ali Hossaini,
, 2022 , Communications of the ACM , 65 (4) , 64–68
Type: article
Derek McAuley,
Helena Webb,
Richard Hyde,
& Justyna Lisinska
, 2021
Type: report
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