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Uncovering the Molecular Mechanisms of Asymmetric Cell Divisions in Mammalian Adult Epithelia

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    Wellcome Trust
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Project overview

Oriented cell divisions (OCDs) represent a fundamental mechanism for epithelial tissue
morphogenesis, repair, and differentiation during development and homeostasis. Disruption in OCDs has direct implications for developmental disorders and cancer. This project combines proteomics, bioinformatics, and cutting-edge molecular and imaging techniques as well as 3D organoids to identify novel proteins that control mitotic spindle orientation in mammary epithelial cells. To dissect the molecular mechanisms of OCDs will be important not only for advancing our understanding of normal epithelial biology but for elucidating how an imbalance in self-renewal
and differentiation can contribute to the abnormal cell behavior and epithelial architecture observed in breast cancer.


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Dr Salah Elias

Associate Professor
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