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Research project

Visible fibre lasers by downconversion


Other researchers

Dr Bill Brocklesby

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Novel imaging & microscopy techniques in the visible and XUV spectral regions;
  • Coherent diffractive imaging of nanoscale systems using XUV radiation generated by high-power ultrashort pulse lasers;
  • Large-scale beam combination;

Professor Jayanta Sahu

Professorial Fellow-Research

Research outputs

Y. Cheng,
C.J. Oton,
A.J. Boyland,
& W.H. Loh
, 2009
Type: conference
Yu Cheng,
QingRong Han,
& Jean-Noel Maran
, 2008 , Optics Communications , 281 (23) , 5775--5778
Type: article
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