Research project

Female entrepreneurs

Project overview

The project will be conducted in three DAC-listed countries: Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Malaysia. We will explore how female entrepreneurs negotiate with their local contexts and creatively generate working practices that enable work fit around their lives, influenced by their families, cultural context, and spiritual assumptions, and will be particularly concerned with how disadvantage interacts with this.

Embedded in a qualitative exploratory approach, the project will employ interviewing, diaries, and visual ethnography to reveal rich and
insightful stories of the research subjects.

Knowledge informing this proposal is guided by the research team’s expertise in entrepreneurship and emerging economies, socio-cultural and spiritual influences, workforce inequalities, and marginalised working experiences, including within geographically-isolated communities.

This project will provide complex new learning around innovative working practices which can combat economic inequality and social marginalisation. More broadly, its findings will enable policymakers to apply this knowledge to improve individuals’ welfare in the Global South.


Lead researcher

Dr Trang Gardner

Teaching Fellow in HR Mngmt & Org'l Bhvr

Research interests

  • National and organisational culture
  • Careers and role transitions
  • Mental health challenges
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Other researchers

Dr Brian Hracs

Associate Professor
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Professor Peter Rodgers

Head of Department HRMOB

Research interests

  • Non-market strategies
  • Corruption
  • Informality within state-business relations
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