Research project

Xize Niu - EPSRC - Lab-on-an-Organ: A droplet based portable continuous chemical sensor


Lead researcher

Professor Xize Niu

Professor of Biosensing&Microengineering
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Other researchers

Emeritus Professor Geraldine Clough

Research interests

  • Early identification of risk of small vessel dysfunction in cardio-metabolic disease
  • Mechanisms underlying the developmental priming of vascular plasticity and endothelial dysfunction by maternal diet
  • Development of novel devices and approaches for the multiscale assessment of the dynamics of microvascular perfusion
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Research outputs

Gareth Evans, Wahida, Taskin Bhuiyan, Susan Pang, Brett Warren, Kyriacos Makris, Sharon Coleman, Sammer-Ul Hassan & Xize Niu, 2021, Analyst, 146(14), 4535-4544
Type: article
Chi Leng Leong, Sharon Coleman, Adrian Nightingale, Sammer-Ul Hassan, David Voegeli, Martyn G. Boutelle & Xize Niu, 2019, Analytical Methods, 11(48), 6119-6123
Type: article
Adrian Nightingale, Sammer-Ul Hassan, Brett Warren, Kyriacos Makris, Gareth W.H. Evans, Evanthia Papadopoulou, Sharon Coleman & Xize Niu, 2019, Environmental Science & Technology, 53(16), 9677-9685
Type: article
Adrian Nightingale, Chi Leng Leong, Rachel Burnish, Sammer-Ul Hassan, Yu Zhang, Geraldine Clough, Martyn G. Boutelle, David Voegeli & Xize Niu, 2019, Nature Communications, 10
Type: article
Sammer-Ul Hassan, Adrian Nightingale & Xize Niu, 2018, Biomedical Microdevices, 20(92), 1-7
Type: article