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Dr Wendell Bailey 

Senior Consulting Engineer

Dr Wendell Bailey's photo

Wendell is a versatile Consulting Engineer with a strong technical background in heat transfer and mechanical construction and design.  He is an expert in cryogenics and manages a RIfI sub team that perform complex thermal and mechanical tests at extreme temperatures.  Wendell has conducted over 60 consultancy projects in 3 years on a worldwide client base.

Having graduated as a mechanical engineer from Brunel University before studying a PhD in boiling heat transfer of organic fluids at the University of Southampton in 2002.  He moved into a post-doctorate research role at Southampton at the Institute of Cryogenics, before joining RIfI in 2010 to expand their cryogenic capabilities.  Wendell primarily focuses upon consultancy, but continues to engage in various research activities.

His thermo-mechanical expertise have provided RIfI's cryogenics team with a platform to explore and deliver new consultancy work streams in:

Research interests


Composite Cabins (current)

Technical and testing expertise of lightweight foams provided to the consortium

Design and build of a helium liquefaction system (current)

Lead engineer of the design and build of the system.

Design of a cryopipe for a 500 metre MgB2 superconducting cable to be installed at CERN (current)

Debugging and development of a design and assembly sequence for a novel cryostat.

Measurement of emissivity of Multi-Layer-Insulations (MLI) at cryogenic temperatures (current)

Testing and development of novel insulation materials and systems for superconducting cables.

Literature review of materials, containment systems and components required for storage of liquid hydrogen

Conducting literature studies to reveiw the state-of-art of hydrogen technology, to provide recomendations for the design of a liquid hydrogen containment system.

Design and test of a novel lightweight superconducting rotor for high speed applications

Providing draughting expertise and problem solving of the assembly sequence.

Sourcing materials, managing the machining of parts by contractors.

Manufacturing and testing of the superconducting coils.

Testing the machine and publish results to journal.

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 Selected Consultancy Reports

Fatigue testing of flexible bellows under pressure and at cryogenic temperatures. 25/04/17

Design review of a test rig for testing hydrogen permeability of CFRP at cryogenic temperatures. 09/03/17

Comparison of vacuum and sprayed polyurethane foam insulations for small onshore LNG tanks. 04/01/17

Thermal, physical and mechanical testing of polyisocyanurate foam Capir N250 C – Formulation 2. 03/01/17

Review of austenitic stainless steel 304L for construction of an LH2 tank – Technical Note. 09/12/16

Test witness of full scale cryogenic pipe test to evaluate the performance of an Armaflex insulation system. 11/10/16

Thermal conductivity measurements of an iron loaded epoxy resin. 15/07/16

Composite testing: static testing of bolted joints and static and fatigue flexure of bolted beams. 26/04/16

The design and construction of a cryogenic cooling system to enable analysis of pipe vibrations at low temperatures. 31/07/2015

Measurement of thermal conductivity of Chartek 1709 coating system. 09/07/15

  •  Published and contributed to 15 publications in the last 8 years.
  •  Joint-chair of skill and training for the UK’s Cryogenic Cluster.
  •  Supervised five student 3rd year individual/GDP projects in the last 5 years.
  •  Acted as internal assessor for 2 PhD students.
  •  Co-supervised one PhD student.


Dr Wendell Bailey
(023) 8059 3348

Room Number: 15/2009/M47

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