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Chemical engineering facilities

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About the Chemical engineering facilities


Our laboratories are equipped with the latest facilities to make sure our students receive outstanding practical training. The equipment includes:

  • distillation columns
  • liquid-liquid and solid-liquid extraction units
  • continuous, batch, plug-flow and catalytic reactors
  • process control equipment
  • fluidised bed experiments
  • crystallisation units
  • reverse osmosis units and fermentation units

Chemical engineering computer suite

The IT suite is equipped with computers and a comprehensive software package for high-quality simulations. This includes process control, heat and mass transfer, reaction engineering, unit operations and the majority of operations that take place in the chemical industry.

Virtual control room

The virtual control room and its software mimic the control rooms used at large industrial plants, preparing students for their future careers. Students can build a comprehensive understanding of the different processes in sectors ranging from oil and gas to food and drink, and pharmaceuticals.

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