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National Oceanographic Library

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About the National Oceanographic Library

Based at Waterfront Campus, the National Oceanographic Library is one of Europe's largest marine science libraries, with a wide variety of books and resources to help you study.

The library collections

The library is home to the UK's largest collection of marine and oceanographic literature, some of which dates back as far as the 1770s. The collections available include a wealth of books, reports, journals, maps and charts, covering topics such as:

  • estuarine, coastal and shelf sea circulation wind-wave dynamics
  • sediment transport processes
  • global sea level science
  • geodetic oceanography
  • marine technology
  • operational oceanography

Study and research facilities

The library now offers a comfortable and productive study environment, offering:

  • 2 assistive technology computers, with a range of specialist software for users registered with Enabling Services
  • meeting and group work rooms with video conferencing facilities
  • laptops and phone chargers
  • printing, photocopying and scanning facilities
  • free WiFi

You can learn more or search the library collections on the official library website.