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Software projects laboratory

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About the Software projects laboratory

The software projects laboratory contains facilities for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students. It's a versatile area for industrial led projects, made up of 4 complementary areas to facilitate the project life cycle from initial concept through design and testing to a functional prototype. These facilities are supported by in-lab specialist technicians and academic staff, to help guide your work.

Facilities and equipment

The 4 main areas of the lab include a high-performance computation suite, group workspaces, specialised meeting rooms, and quiet study areas. They feature:

  • a computation suite with powerful PCs and high-resolution screens, plus space for students' own laptops
  • workspaces for individuals and groups, including wall-mounted interactive screens for presentations, brainstorming and teamwork
  • a 5-metre video wall for showcasing our students' best work during formal events and project demos
  • 4 meeting rooms for project teams of up to 6 students, featuring large interactive screens