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X-ray imaging equipment

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About the X-ray imaging equipment

We have a dedicated centre for advanced 3-dimensional (volume) X-ray imaging.

The µ-VIS X-ray Imaging Centre (mu-VIS) houses a range of scanners that bombard objects with X-rays to create ultra-detailed 2D and 3D images.

Our high-resolution imaging capabilities are non-destructive. This means we can inspect the internal structure of a wide range of objects without the need to take them apart. We can use the data gathered to:

  • develop 3D computational models
  • create 3D printed models
  • inspect the internal structures in virtual reality spaces
  • develop creative artworks

We provide a holistic approach to 3D imaging, supporting every step of a project from original query to publishing conclusions. You'll be able to access the X-ray imaging facility as part of individual and group project work at undergraduate or master’s level. This will depend on the subject you’re studying and the modules you choose.

Students have used it for:

  • defect analysis of manufactured components
  • imaging human and animal tissue structure for biomedical research
  • scanning archaeological artefacts, including human remains
  • investigating volcanic eruptions and deep-sea environmental studies
  • investigating improvements on railway infrastructure